This year, participants are going to "travel" on four mandatory lines: The Germany Line, the Balkan Sephardic Line, the Poland and the Shtetls Line, and the Civil Society and Righteous Gentile Line. You will also choose one "elective line".  For more information, consult the "Elective Lines" section of this homepage!

Download PDF:

Note: this year, we are going to give each participant your own blog site, so you can take pictures and post them, and your thoughts during CSA VII. That means: be sure to bring either your smart phone (with a camera) or a digital camera with you every day.

Note on note takers: something new this year is that ahead of each session, we are going to assign participants to listen to that presentation, make notes, then give five minute summaries to the entire group at the end of each session. We’ll also ask you to upload that summary to our website.