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Video Projects - Group "Fritz Lang"

Video Projects - "A Walk In Berlin"

Elective Lines - Changing Identities

This lesson plan uses the Centropa Film based on Güler Orgun's biography "A Turkish-Jewish-Muslim Tale"

Mike Irwin - Living Proof

Detroit students, Lithuanian students, Serbian Students and the Ghettos.


Centropa - ibook

Presentation of our first ibook "We Lost Our Home, We Lost Our Childhood"

Video Projects - Group "The Langer The Better"

Video Projects - Group "1-2-3"

Elective Lines - Changing Identities 2

Student create their own identity chart, watch Centropa Films and use the website

Elective Lines - Kindertransport 2

"Kindertransport through 4 lenses"

Horatiu Suciu - Graphic Novel of Eva Deutsch

Horatiu presents a graphic novel based on the Centropa Interview of Eva Deutsch, drawn and story-boarded by his students

Lisa Sterling - Centropa and Studio Art

Lisa's school, Greensboro, North Carolina teamed up with Balazs' school in Sopron, hungary and came up with 3 different projects:

A cookbook based on recipes taken from Centropa's film on Teofila Silberring "So That Memory Doesn't Die"

Paper Airplanes, based on Centropa's film "Love On A Airplane"

Postcards to Sarajevo, based on Centropa's film "Survival in Sarajevo"

Video Projects - Group "Coppola"

Elective Lines - Home and Identity

Identity through Centropa Films and Cultural Exchanges

Elective Lines - Kindertransport

A Lesson plan based on the Centropa film on Lilli Tauber; "A Suitcase Full Of Memories"

Michal Yousfan - A Lesson Plan on Erna Goldman

A lesson plan on general history, history of Zionism, the State of Israel and the use of timelines with


Lilach Taichman - Centropa Museum of pre-WWII Czech Jewry

Lilach's students used Centropa's Czech exhibion and completed it with one of their own